Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Peaceful Co-Existence

"My name is Dillon Dally.  My friends call me Dilly.  My enemies - well, they have other names for me."

And so it starts.  Oh - sorry, forgot to introduce myself.  My name is Dillon Dally.  I'm actually a character in a novel that my friend Sienna has been working on for the past 3 years.  Like all the other characters in her novel, I live inside Sienna's head.  I guess that is a good thing - not only does she let me and my buddies (and enemies too) run loose on the pages of her MS Word program every once in a while, but I also get to see and hear about things that go on in and around Sienna's life.  It was really nice of her to create this blog for me so that I can at least share my feelings with her - and maybe - with the world.  Provided, of course, she (or anyone else) even reads this blog.

Which brings me to the topic of peaceful co-existence.  It's really surprising, even to me, that there is such a thing in existence today, given that half the world is at war with the other half.  In a (comparatively) small space such as Sienna's head, I share quarters with the other two lead characters, named Dave and The Guru (no, that's just a nickname - I'll explain more about him in another entry), plus hundreds of her thoughts which zoom right past us each day.  Some get caught in the 'sticky paper' that is her imagination, while others just fly by.  Anyway, for the longest time I thought that it was just the three of us that had to live out a peaceful co-existence - until I found out that the practice is also done in places outside of Sienna's head.  For one thing, people that drive cars for the most part live a peaceful co-existence on the roads (except, of course, for the speeders.  Other than an actual emergency, there is no reason I know of that anyone should speed - they probably do it because they're running late to get home to watch the new episode of Chuck or something like that.  That's why DVR recorders and TiVO were invented, people!) 

Speaking of which, shock of shocks, how about True Blood and The Vampire Diaries peacefully co-existing on TV - and both are doing well to boot!  Sienna told me that's a normal thing - she remembers when she was in high school how both Dallas and Dynasty peacefully co-existed and also did well.  It almost makes me wish that my rival was able to stick around and...oh, never mind!  You'll hear more about my rival in future entries too.

Perhaps the leaders of the world - and even the leaders in our own government - could learn a lesson from the co-existence of True Blood and The Vampire Diaries.  If two very similar, yet somewhat different, programs can co-exist and thrive within Planet Television, then perhaps we, as people, can make that same effort to co-exist and be successful within Planet Earth?  Just a thought.

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