Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's YOUR idea of fun?

"Let's have some fun"
 - Marc Antony (James Purefoy) to his troops, from HBO's Rome

Ask anyone what their idea of "fun" is, and you'll get as many answers as there are kinds of people.  Some people think it's fun to play sports, while others think their jobs are fun.  Some believe that such "mundane" things as playng bridge or watching a movie are fun, while still others engage in such risky activities as scuba diving, stunt plane flying and streeet luge, just for fun.  There are even people who do volunteer work at places like hospitals, soup kitchens and homeless shelters for the sheer enjoyment of it - in other words, because it's fun.

And then there's MY idea of fun.*  Put simply, I love helping others.  I love the reaction of people I am helping when a task is completed successfully and that person can go on with their life knowing that whatever major obstacle that was blocking their pursuits is no longer there; that they have been given a "second chance" to fulfill whatever obligation or goal they may have, or simply to live their life without worry, or fear, or pain.  I don't help others to try and attain media glory or because I want to make money off of it or because I have a guilty conscience to appease - I do it, put simply, because I enjoy it.  In other words, that's how I have my fun.  Oh - it's also therapeutical for me too - it takes away the stress I have to endure when I am at work. (yes I DO have a day job!!)

Being an "urban legend" has been nothing but beneficial to me - it mostly means anonimity but it also  allows me to pick and choose those situations I wish to become involved in and people I would want to help.  But how do I pick and choose the "tasks" that I perform and the people I help as a result of those "tasks"?  Well, there are several methods I use - friends, opportunity, even stories I or my friend Greg hear about in the news media.   I have helped people from all walks of life throughout my existence - from newly arrived immigrants to working class families, all the way up to a socialite in The Hamptons that needed a little help from me once.  Most of the time, I work alone, however sometimes I ask (and get) help from my friends.

So that's it - the crux of what I am all about.  I became what I am as a result of one very important lesson my best friend Greg Washburn learned as a child back in the 1950's - Helping others makes you feel better about yourself and the world you live in.  And who taught Greg that very important life lesson?  A very knowledgeable - and wildly popular - 27 inch marionette, and his equally caring human friend.

* All characters, plots, storylines and indicata associated with Being Dilly copyright (c) 2009, 2010 by Sienna Berton. All rights reserved.

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